image credit: Meisner & Finkbeiner (2014), ApJ, 781, 5

Aaron Meisner

Aaron Meisner

Cosmology Data Science Fellow @ UC Berkeley

I study cosmological foregrounds by creating and analyzing
full-sky, high-resolution maps of interstellar dust.

Curriculum Vitae

WISE 12 micron Dust Map

A full-sky, high-resolution atlas of Galactic
12 micron dust emission.

We have completed a custom reprocessing of the entire
WISE 12 micron imaging data set to isolate Galactic dust emission.
By performing hundreds of millions of point source subtractions
and preserving large angular scale modes, we have derived a
full-sky, 15 arcsecond resolution map of interstellar dust.

Visit the data release website!

Planck Dust Model

A full-sky, Planck-based thermal dust
emission model.

By fitting a dust spectrum consisting of two modified
blackbodies to Planck, IRAS and DIRBE data,
we have created the first ever Planck-based
100-3000 GHz thermal dust emission model.

Visit the data release website!